2011  >  2016    The University of Texas at Austin, Ph. D. (Advisor Dr. Sanjay K. Banerjee)

  1.   Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
      Thesis |
    Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Heterostructures for Beyond CMOS Applications
      GPA: 3.96 / 4.0
    Major Courses: Intro to Carbon Electronics, Semiconductor Nanostructures,
      Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics I & II

2005  >  2007    Seoul National University, M.S. (Advisor Dr. Byung-Gook Park)

  1.   Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
      Thesis  | 
    Fabrication Process of Dual Gate Structured Single-Electron Transistors
      for Performance Improvement
      GPA: 3.75 / 4.3
    Major Courses: Semiconductor Device Engineering I & II, Semiconductor Process I & II,
      Ultra-small Devices and Quantum Transport, Electro-optics,
      Topics in Semiconductor Devices

2001  >  2005    Seoul National University, B.S.

  1.   Department of Electrical Engineering
      Thesis  | 
    Design and Analysis of 10nm Scale MOSFET Through Simulation
      GPA: 3.48 / 4.3
    Major Courses (Semiconductor Related): Introduction to Quantum Mechanics,
      Electromagnetic Theory I, Electronic Circuits I & II, Semiconductor Devices,
      Semiconductor Devices for VLSI, Introduction to Integrated Circuit Design, Introduction
      to Micro-system Technology, Integrated Circuit Process of Semiconductor, Electrical &
      Electronic Materials & Components, Introduction to Solid State Electronics
      Major Courses (Others): Engineering Mathematics I, II & III, Electrical Engineering
      Laboratory I,II & III, Creative Engineering Design, Design Project for Electrical Devices
      and Systems, Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management in Electrical
      and Electronics Engineering, Introduction to Logic Circuits, Circuit Theory, Digital System
      Design, Embedded System Design, Fundamentals of Computer System, Programming
      Methodology, Data Structures and Algorithms, Signals and Systems, Introduction to
      Communications, Introduction to Random Variables

  1. Sangwoo Kang was born in Seoul, South Korea, but lived most of his childhood life abroad in the US and UK. He received his BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering at Seoul National University where he studied CMOS scaling limits and single-electron transistors. He worked at Hynix Semiconductors for four years as a DRAM device engineer focusing on peripheral device development and ramp. He then went on to pursue his Ph D at the University of Texas at Austin where he studied 2D material based tunneling devices. He is currently working as a modeling engineer at Texas Instruments where he is delivering compact device models for embedded and analog products.